Classic Kitchen Tools That Every Home Cook Needs

To have the ease in food preparation and cooking, there are specific classic kitchen tools that every home cook must have. These tools will make your kitchen run efficiently and faster, leading to the healthy cooked meals. Below is a set of these typical apparatus;

Wooden Spoons

In everyday cooking, there is need to stir or turn food during cooking. Wooden spoons are then necessary. These spoons are ideal for stirring or serving food since they won’t leave marks on your cooking pot, withstands high heat, unlike synthetic spoons. Stir-frying or preparing garlic soup will then becomes a pleasant task. Moreover, wooden spoons exist in diversified shapes, sizes, and wood materials. One advantage of wooden spoons is that they don’t retain food odor

High-quality Sharp Knives

A quality knife gives you the comfort you need during food preparation. For example, you will thus cut your meat into smaller pieces without repeated attempts. Such a knife should offer you a good grip and the right weight to cut down on the possibilities of frequent accidents in the kitchen. A dull knife will force you to apply more pressure to the knife thus hurting your hands. On the other hand, a sharp knife makes a clean cut in seconds.

Hardwood Cutting Boards

Many are times when you have chop food into smaller portions. That calls for a cutting board made from hardwood. Cutting foods on such a board serves a dual function; your counter retains its dazzling look, and the knife retains its sharpness for a longer duration. A cutting board with ample space will assist you to transfer the chopped foods to the pan easily. With an adequately sized chopping board, fewer items will fall and litter your counter.  It is wise to keep your cutting board at arms reach from the oven.

Spatulas and Pans

Spatulas and pans such as the copper chef or gotham steel pans play many roles according to the shape. For example to transfer wet ingredients from your mixing bowl or food processor to the cooking pot you require a scraper, preferably made from a rubber material. That will ensure that the mixing bowl doesn’t bear many marks. During the frosting of cakes, a baking spatula is a must. However, it is important to keep check of your spatula to know when it calls for replacement.


This tool is useful when preparing ingredients. For instance, shredding cheese, potatoes carrots or apples or tasty ingredients is only possible with the help of the grater. Since it is designed with holes of different sizes, it’s adapted to various uses. The larger wholes can fit potatoes and carrots while the smaller ones for garlic or ginger. A flavorful or healthy meal is never possible without a grater.

A Stack of Mixing Bowls

These are another classic kitchen tools every home cook should not miss. Mixing bowls made of steel material are sturdy and doesn’t leave any strange odor to your ingredients. With a set of mixing bowls of various sizes mixing, whipping or serving large salads is never stressing. Moreover, when you choose a stack of colorful bowls, your kitchen will have an attractive look.

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